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Compair Compressor Oil

Compair oil is available in many different base stocks and viscosities to cover the variety of compressors that they offer including rotary vane, rotary screw, piston, portable as well as oil-free models. 

CompLub 10 - A PAO ester based synthetic oil designed for 12,000 hour service.  This oil is often offered by Compair with an extended warranty, which can offer the customer a ten year warranty plan per manufacturers guidelines

SSL-46 Plus - This is a PAO synthetic compressor oil designed for 8,000 hour service used in a 5 year waranty plan that has been established by Compair

SSL-35F - A PAO food grade synthetic lubricant designed to meet H1 USDA guidelines, rated for 4,000 hour service.

SSL-50 - A PAO compressor oil designed or Compair rotary screw compressors.

CS600 - This PAO/ester blend synthetic oil has been formulated for extended life in Compair rotary vane compressors.  recommended for 4,000 hrs

CS300 - A Diester based lubricant designed for Compair low pressure rotary vane compressors

Compair also offers a cleaner for removing debris, varnish and sludge in your system.

Please consult your local compressor representative or oil supplier to verify the correct oil for your application, and please visit the advertisers located on this page to find more information and discounts on your Compair compressor oil

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