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Kaeser Compressor Oil

Kaeser Compressor Oil is offered under the name Sigma 8000 in a variety of base oil including PAO, petroleum and diester.  Kaeser offers air compressor oil for both reciprocating (piston) and rotary screw compressors in ISO grades ranging from 32 to 150.  Note that the ISO grade is noted by the last 3 digits in the oil nomenclature.  The Kaeser oil offering in as follows:

Kaeser Reciprocating Compressor Oil- Petroleum Based

Sigma 8000 S-100 - This oil is a diester based air compressor oil with an ISO grade of 100 available for use in reciprocating compressors.

Sigma 8000 S-150 - A diester based compressor oil with a ISO 150 grade.

Kaeser Rotary Screw Compressor Oil- Petroleum Based

Sigma 8000 M-460 - Kaeser ISO 46 oil

Sigma 8000 M-100 - Kaeser ISO100 oil

Sigma 8000 M-150 - Kaeser ISO150 oil

Kaeser Rotary Screw Synthetic Compressor Oil- PAO Based

Sigma 8000 S-320 - PAO based ISO 32 oil

Sigma 8000 S-460 - PAO ISO 46 oil

Sigma 8000 S-680 - PAO ISO68 oil for extended lubricant life

Sigma 8000 FG-460  - This Kaeser compressor oil is a food grade lubricant with a PAO base stock.

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