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A guide to Sullair compressor oil
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 Sullair Compressor Oil

Sullair offers their many types of oil with base stocks including PAO, polyglycol, petroleum and even silicone based air compressor oil.  The wide range of offerings ensures that Sullair will have an oil that can handle many different conditions of service and can offer varying levels quality at different pricing levels.  Sullair compressor oil is advertised as providing long life due to the many inherent advantages of synthetic oil such as less varnishing, less foaming, and higher overall performance.  Most notably, Sullair is noted for their Sullube oil which is advertised as biodegradable and their silicone based 24KT compressor oil, which they sell for extremely long service life in rotary screw compressor applications.  Sullair oil is offered in a 5 gallon pail and 55 gallon drums.

Sullube 32 - Sullube is a polyglycol based oil with a ISO32 rating that is advertised by Sullair as a biodegradable oil.  This oil is offered as a way to eliminate costs associated with oil water separation, and to discharge oily condensate directly to the sewer.

LLL-4-32 - This Sullair compressor oil is an ISO 32 PAO oil

LLL-4-46 - This Sullair oil is an ISO 46 PAO oil

24KT - This is an oil that Sullair developed with the help of Dow Corning, which has a silicone base stock.  This oil is often sold along with an extended warranty, and is advertised by Sullair as having better life in their rotary screw air compressors than both mineral and synthetic oil, with better overall performance.

Sullair also offers SRF I and SRF II compressors oils that are 4,000 hour and 8,000 hour synthetic oils respectively, as well as AWF, which is an ISO 32 petroleum based product.  A PAO food grade lubricant is also available.

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