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Quincy Compressor Oil

Quincy Compressors markets their oil under the brand QuinSyn, and has a variety of offerings including PAO, polyglycol, synthetic hydrocarbon, as well as an PAG/ester based product.  QuinSyn is a combination of the Quincy name as well as Syn designating synthetic.

QuinSyn - A synthetic hydrocarbon which is compatible with mineral oil and is designed for 8,000 hour service

QuinSyn IV - A 4,000 hour oil formulated with PAO and mineral oil

QuinSyn PG - This is a PAG/Ester oil designed to handle extremes in temperature, and to eliminate varnishing in your Quincy compressor

QuinSyn F  - A PAO synthetic oil designed for H1 USDA use for incidental food contact

Consult your compressor manufacturer, oil supplier, or manual before replacing oil in your Quincy compressor.  Please view the ads located on this page to lead you to information and discounts on your air compressor oil needs.

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